Avoid Home Insurance Claims!

Insider Tips:
Avoid Home Insurance Claims!

Anne Austin – Crestview Neighborhood Real Estate Specialist
Trim trees away from the house and remove dead branches.

Overgrown trees can be a hazard in high winds. Branches that
reach close to your home, or worse yet, touch it, are pathways
for squirrels and other small animals looking for new places to live.
Repair steps and handrails.
Broken stairs and banisters canbe a danger to you and visitors to your home.
If they trip and fall, you’re exposed to an insurance claim.

Buy yourself a reliable backup power source.
When the power goes out, you’ll be dry and comfortable if you have a
reliable backup power source like a portable generator. Follow
installation and maintenance steps to ensure safety.

Know how to shut the water off in an emergency.
If your neighbor’s home is similar, ask if they can show you where to
find the water shut-off valve. Or, try the suggestions from
rotorooter.com on finding the shut-off valve. Once you know
how to shut off the water in an emergency, make sure
everyone else does, too. Share this information with your
children, the baby sitter and pet sitter.

Check the water pipes for leaks.
Look closely for cracks and leaks, have the pipes repaired immediately.
Check the hoses going to the washing machine. If your washing machine hoses
are rubber, replace them with steel hoses. Look for leaks in the
hoses going to the back of the toilets, as well.

Remove combustible items that have migrated close to any gas-fired appliances.
Family members may have gotten into
the bad habit of storing things close to a gas HVAC system, or a
gas dryer. Move those items elsewhere to reduce your fire risk.